Introducing Cape Crucible Inc. – A Nonprofit Makerspace in Cape Girardeau

makerspace: noun (mākərˌspās) sometimes also referred to as hackerspace, hackspace, and fablab, a place where people with shared interests, especially in computing or technology, can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge.

Good things are happening in downtown Cape. It began with the award winning renovation of Broadway ( and has continued as many new businesses have opened up shop. I’m very excited for the next phase of development in downtown Cape, the Marquette Tech District ( and

Cape Crucible Inc. - Logo
Cape Crucible Inc. – Logo

As part of that development, I have been able to assist a new Makerspace with getting off the ground, including setting up a Missouri Nonprofit Corporation for them. I invite you to get to know Cape Crucible Inc. ( and see the cool things they are doing.