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Testimonials & Success Stories

We are so thankful that we were directed to you as an attorney. One thing I especially want to say that impressed me, was the fact that I never felt that you treated my cousin any different because of his background. You all NEVER treated him without true concern and respect, as if he was your most important client. Many Amelunke generations will be able to enjoy the land because of YOU! With that said, thank you. First of all, for the kindness and compassion you showed an 84 year old, rough around the edges country boy who has worked so hard all of his life. Seeing them able to live the rest of their lives comfortably, without wondering how they were going to pay the bills and live, it’s a blessing for all of us who love them. With your knowledge and expertise, anyone with a lot or with a little needs to talk with your group before they end up in the mess my cousin and his wife found themselves in. We thank you. I can’t tell you how impressed and blessed we feel to have used you and your group. Many, many thanks and God Bless!

Joanne L.

Mark’s office helped us by dealing with the banks to put accounts in trust and taking care of paperwork to transfer deeds to trust.

I would recommend Attorney Mark McMullin to people who need Trusts/ Wills/ Powers of Attorney. The office girls are very friendly and professional.

Nina D.
Millersville, MO

The Law Office helped with setting up a protection trust, which gave my wife and myself greater peace of mind in case it became necessary that one or both of us enter a nursing home. He also updated our Wills and Powers of Attorney.

I recommend Mark for people who need to obtain legal advise for protecting their assets through estate planning. He and his associates were friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Steven F.
Morley, MO

Establishing a positive relationship between an attorney and client begins prior to their actual face-to-face meeting. For me, it was the initial telephone conversation with Mark McMullin. Unlike my contacts with other attorneys, Mark personally returned my call and answered my questions without any hesitance. Most importantly, Mark didn’t use his office staff as “ shields” to deflect direct communication with a potential (unknown) client.

Our pre-meeting perception was affirmed at our initial and subsequent meetings with Mark. He is prompt, informed, and exact in conveying his knowledge on issues pertaining to making life-long (and after-life) decisions. He explained all facets of the process in clear and concise format, was quick to perceive our needs, and was patient, yet direct, in his answers to each of our concerns. Mark is the type of professional that all clients need on their team – his personal and professional attributes helped lower the stress level involved in planning our Trust.

Harry D.
Cape Girardeau County, MO

Attorney Mark McMullin and his amazing staff helped my wife get eligible for Medicaid. They exceeded my expectations! Almost all the correspondence with my wife’s case worker was handled by Mark and his team. I was able to focus on my wife’s nursing care and leave the stress to them. The result: instead of spending down all our hard-earned money, we were able to protect our assets.

Larry S.
Jackson, MO