Estate Planning and Coronavirus

Over the last two weeks we have been receiving this type of phone call, “Hi, I’m calling because I don’t have any estate planning done and I need to get a Will.”

These potential clients are calling because they know they need a Will (actually they need more than a Will but that’s another conversation…) and they know that they have put it off for months or even years. It simply wasn’t a priority. It was easy to procrastinate.


Then the black swan of 2020 arrived. The novel coronavirus. COVID-19.

Before this, most of us had never heard of coronavirus. And now it has changed our world.

Coronavirus went from being a problem in China and on cruise ships, to shutting down schools, restaurants, and other businesses right here in Southeast Missouri. And it may have gotten you to think, “maybe it is about time I stop procrastinating and get my affairs in order. Maybe it is time to get that Will or Trust done.”

If that is you, we are here to help. 573-334-5125.