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What is a “Small Estate” in Missouri?

Full probate is time consuming and expensive. As an alternative, many states have created special rules for “small estates” that make the process go faster and cheaper. In Missouri, to qualify as a Small Estate, the value of the estate must be less than $40,000. Missouri Statute 473.097 sets out when a Small Estate can […]

How Can I Avoid Probate?

When people say probate, what they are really referring to is Probate Court. People typically want to avoid Probate Court because it wastes time & money and takes what most people consider private and puts it in the public record. 3 ways to avoid probate in missouri So how can you avoid probate? There are […]

How much does a Will or Trust cost?

How much does a trust cost? One of the most frequently asked questions that I receive is “How much will it cost to get my affairs in order?” or “How much does a Trust cost?” What our clients like is that we have clear, up front pricing. During our initial consultation we’ll discuss what it […]

8 Steps to Probate in Missouri

Typically our clients want to avoid Probate Court. Yet, if probate cannot be avoided, here are the steps that you have to go through during a normal Probate case in the state of Missouri. Note, this is for a “normal” case, yet please keep in mind that each case is different. For example, if the […]

5 Common Types of Trusts in Missouri

We often get clients who say, “I’d like to set up a Trust.” Yet, what type of trust you want to set up will depend on your situation. One big advantage of most Trusts is they can help your heirs avoid probate court and, in many instances, can help keep your affairs private. Many trusts […]

Changes to VA Pension Benefits

The Department of Veteran’s Administration (VA) recently announced big changes to eligibility requirements for the VA pension and other needs-based benefit programs. The changes will be effective October 18, 2018. Some of the very good planning options that are currently available will no longer be available beginning on October 18th. One change is that the […]

Giving to a Charity through Will or Trust

Looking for a beneficiary? Consider a charity. Recently a client of mine said, “Mark, we know that we should have done a Will or Trust a long time ago but we haven’t because we just don’t know who I want our property to go to. We don’t have any children, we’re not especially close to […]

Why we Host Estate Planning Seminars

About every 6 weeks our firm hosts an Estate Planning Seminar for the community. These seminars are a great chance to learn more about estate planning and elder law. And better yet, they are FREE to you. There is absolutely no cost to attend. What you will find at these seminars is useful information for […]


When it comes to Estate Planning, have you ever thought any of these? It’s time that we set up a Will… When dad died, he had a Living Trust – maybe I need a Trust as well? I think it is time to get my affairs in order… What do I have to do so […]

What Practice Areas do you Focus On?

Law firms typically focus on specific areas of the law called practice areas. Our primary practice areas are Estate Planning (Wills & Trusts) and Elder Law (medicaid planning & asset protection). We’ve chosen to limit our practice areas to better serve our clients. After all, if you wouldn’t go to an orthopedic doctor for a […]

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