Business Formation


Starting a business is an exciting event! Yet, it can quickly become daunting as you face a number of decisions about how to structure your business. Many people who are planning to start a business in Missouri can benefit from setting up a Limited Liability Company, also known as an LLC. An LLC is extremely popular because of its many benefits.

One of the most attractive aspects of an LLC is the fact that the liability of members and managers can be limited, similar to a corporation, yet the LLC is not necessarily taxed like a corporation. You have options as to how the business is treated for tax purposes. So you get the benefit of limited liability while still enjoying tax treatment as a sole proprietor or partnership.
Thinking of starting a business in Missouri? It is important for you to get your business organized correctly for a reasonable amount of money. We offer flat-fee business organization packages to set up a Missouri LLC.

  • Creation of the Articles of Organization: The official document filed with the Secretary of State’s office.
  • Drafting of the Operating Agreement: These are the rules that will govern your Missouri Limited Liability Company. The operating agreement governs how the business runs, and even how the money is distributed, so it is essential that it be complete and comprehensive. Additionally, a properly drafted agreement can help you avoid costly legal problems or disputes among members in the future.
  • Obtaining Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN): We will fill out the forms for you.
  • Acting as Registered Agent: Allows you to maintain your privacy. Our office address will be the public address for your business.

As an attorney I have enjoyed helping a number of individuals get their small business up and running. Our clients return to us as they face various legal issues in operating their business. Yet, many of our small business clients ask for additional advice regarding operating their business. As a result, for select clients we offer business consulting.

We’ll work with you to develop a management dashboard, track key indicators, and balance your time between business innovation, business management and business production.
Mark McMullin’s favorite book to recommend to new business owners is “The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It” by Michael E. Gerber.


Starting or growing a business is exciting and can be very rewarding. We handle the details of getting your business set up and organized so you can focus on serving your customers.