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Client Testimonials for Estate Planning Attorney Mark McMullin

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The best part of my job is getting to meet and know my clients and their families. Occasionally, there is some icing on the cake when a client writes you a follow up thank you card or letter. Recently I received two. With their permission, I would like to share part of their comments with you:

A few Thank You cards
Thank You Cards in my office

Wanda S. writes: “I am so glad you helped me with my Will. I’m very satisfied with you as a lawyer. I want to thank you for helping me.” Short and sweet and very satisfying. Thanks Wanda.

George H. writes: “As we worked with you, we quickly realized this would be a pleasant experience… you were always prompt, very thorough, courteous, respectful and patient….” George’s note included several other kind comments. His note made my day!

I appreciate the kind words of my current clients. For potential estate planning clients, we offer free consultations in our Cape Girardeau office. Call to schedule an appointment where you can discuss wills, trusts, and asset protection with Missouri Estate Planning and Elder Law attorney Mark McMullin.


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